Build for DSLR Video Editing/Image editing (hcktosh)

Hi all,

hoping for a little help regarding a new build i'm planning.

Getting into more video editing since i got my 7D and have quickly realised it's a pretty hardware intensive thing to do! hahaha

Current system is maybe 2-3 years old, so i'm looking to just upgrade everything as opposed to just switching out things here and there.

Using Adobe CS products, Photoshop obviously for the image editing and Premiere Pro for video. Since learning about how the new CS can make use of GPU's, a graphics card that can take advantage of that is one of the main priorities.

I'm not onboard with SSD's yet either, so that would be something else i'd be keen on.

Rough outline what i'm thinking of running

2 x 27" IPS monitors
16gb ram?
graphics card to make use of recent Adobe changes
SSD for boot and scratch disks for vid editing?
Big normal HDD for storage
no idea on mobo (with wifi would be nice)
no idea on power supply
good sound card cause i would like to record and connect my guitar/pedals up to the new system

I'd like to use as 'green' a hDD and power supply as possible too.

The other 'plan' was to build this hackintosh friendly... (don't know if taboo subject on Tom's) - good chance i'll be doing work from home that had it been done 'on site' would be 100% Mac setup, and plus would like the flexibility to use Final Cut if need be for whatever reason.

I don't believe wanting a hcktosh build means anything too restrictive in terms of hardware choices, but i'm not 100% sure.

Not a gamer either, so not fussed on that side of things.

I think that's the basics... if anything else i should elaborate on or clarify, let me know :)

appreciate any and all help!

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  1. sorry, forgot format

    Approximate Purchase Date: not a huge rush, but i guess basically once i've sorted out what i need,

    Budget Range: ex monitors, maybe $1500 odd?? probably more interesting in finding out at a minimum what i'd need for a very capable system and see if i'm shocked at the price :D

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Video editing, Image editing- two most important, after that, just general web/email/nothing too intensive use

    Are you buying a monitor: Yes - looking at a dual setup, maybe 30" due to all those new korean/taiwanese panels being available, catleap/yama-something-a-rather etc... - at this stage, perhaps leaning 2 x 27

    Parts to Upgrade: pretty much everything i guess, i don't think i'll be able to use anything from current system (will prob turn into media pc)

    Do you need to buy OS: Yes - thinking will probably go legit OS this time, will need Win 8 and whatever Mac OS they're up to

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: in Australia, can buy from states easy enough but not sure if much price difference.

    Parts Preferences: i think i need intel CPU if wanting to go hackintosh?

    Overclocking: - Probably not, never done it before, probably wouldn't start playing with it now...

    SLI or Crossfire: - not sure what this is?

    Your Monitor Resolution: see above

    Additional Comments: 'Green' products for things like power supply/HDD would be good

    And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading: Video editing is a bit more taxing on my system that i though! hahah
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