I5-2500K + HD 7850 2GB VS i5-3470 + GTX 660

Which combination would be better for pure gaming?
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  1. i5-3470 + GTX 660
  2. Both are really good. I would go with the 2500K because it can be easily overclocked and so can the 7850. Are those two setups equal in price? Is that why you're asking?

    What motherboard are you putting these CPUs in? If it supports overclocking then definately go with the 2500K.

    If you don't have any interest in tweaking or overclocking the 3470 and 660 are also great for gaming.
  3. Yes, they are equal in price in my country (UK).
    Will i be able to overclock with the stock fan? i have absolutely no extra money to spend on an aftermarket cooler.
    I am still deciding which motherboard to put these CPUs in, it is out of 3 motherboards, here they are:

    These are the only motherboards i can afford with my 70 pounds budget im afraid :/
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