IDE dvd to motherboard sata

Hello, just completed my sudo, first time build, I have a slot loading dvd-rw with atapi connector, this is connected to an atapi-ide 40 pin adapter, I have brought a dynamode ide-sata converter upon plugging in everything my bios shows no record of anything being attached to the m/b and nothing shows up as not working within the windows device manager. Any idea?
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  1. You seem to have gone to a lot of trouble to avoid spending $20 on a new DVR-RW.

    A lot of review said it doesn't work either. Buy a new dvd-rw drive.
  3. A new DVD drive is $20 or less. The converters are like $10 and flaky. Just buy the drive. It sucks to throw away a perfectly good drive, but that's the disposable world we've created.
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