Low GPU/CPU usage, low FPS, many/all games.

This thread details basically every problem I have though I am not the author.


And an XFX 6970

To summarize, I basically get sustained low fps(20-30) in intense situations such as teamfights in HoN/LoL or big fights in SC2 but the GPU/CPU usage hangs around 20-30%, so when they should be throttling up, they choose not to, and instead I have to look at a choppy FPS instead of my hardware doing what it should. This is all with Vsync on, as games look quite choppy without it among the another annoying caveats of Vsync-less gaming.

Please help, I'm desperate!

On a seperate, sort of unrelated note, my display drivers crash if I change from the default clock on my GPU, even if I change it 1mhz up or down.
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  1. Vsync should not make games feel choppy (normal vsync is just to prevent tearing), perhaps your video card is overheating and throttling down, have you tried any other games besides those three? Are your video card drivers up to date (try doing a clean installation of them). Maybe your power supply (sometimes a bad one will cause lack of stability).
  2. try going to the bios and restore it to its default it seems like you have by mistake set the CPU on saving power, and make sure that you don't have any other programs like EPU for Asus sat on power saving/low performance.. thats the only thing i can think about give it a try and let us kn what happened..
  3. Thanks for the swift replies. Non-Vsync makes games feel choppy when your eyes are extremely sensitive to the monitor(been playing games for 15 years). My GPU temps max out around 70c which is entirely fine. I have done clean installs of GPU driver many times. The PSU theory is valid but I doubt it. And yes, I have tried around 25 games, all have similar issues with the hardware not throttling up in a stressful situation.

    In Bios, I have made sure the CPU isn't set on saving power, and I don't have any programs besides Heavendx11/MSI afterburner and various games/VOIP installed.

    Any more theories?

    Also look at the edit in my post.
  4. Try downloading different driver for your GFX That would help specially if you're running a beta version..try older ones..and if you're OCing your GFX reset it to it's defaults..
  5. Thanks. I made an edit in the OP that you probably didn't see but its about OCing, take a look please.
  6. "display drivers" You mean graphic driver.. i had such problem with my Nvidia card.. i installed older driver and it worked fine, Note that wrongly overclocking the card can cause permanent damage to your GFX..maybe thats why it's crashing.. and what PSU do u have ?
  7. try running the game with less cores. like with only 1. what happens ?
  8. I have a 700w PSU, it's plenty. A display driver is a graphic driver. And I have tried altering the processor affinity on every game, it doesn't help.
  9. Last call is to try other GPU card.. see if that works.. or try your GFX on other PC..
  10. In the power options of your control panel check to see if your PC is on High Performance mode, trust me if its not you see a change in performance
  11. I don't have another GPU or PC to use. And my computer is on high performance mode. Anyone else have more ideas?
  12. Issue still persists, in need of help!
  13. Still need help.
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