Question about 2560x1440 and GTX 670

I am going to buy a yamakasi Q270 catleap 27" monitor. I have a gigabyte gtx670 and was wondering if I can handle all games on max settings in 2560x1440 mode (with AA off) or do I need a 2nd gtx670?. If I need a second one...

I have a SkyDigital 750w bronze PSU. Will it be able to handle the extra gtx670?

My system: i5 3570k, GTX670, Sky digital 750w bronze, AsRock z77 Extreme 6, Corsair Graphite Series 600T (tower), Corsair 8gb Vengeance Ram, Windows 7 Ultimate K 64bit,

Games I play : BF3, Max Payne 3, Counterstrike, PCSX2, Tera, Dirt, GTA4
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  1. the fps ll be acceptable but dont expect constantly 60 fps in all of these games!
  2. No, you won't max everything out (defined as 60fps on maximum settings).
    What's wrong with AA? I consider it at least as important a setting as in-game ones like shadows and textures.
    If you think running at the best possible settings instead of just close to them is worth another $380 or so, get another 670.
  3. With AA off yeah you should be fine, in the future pick up another one for SLI. Crysis 3 is going to be a monster from what the developers are saying.
  4. what about my PSU? Can it handle another gtx670?
  5. As long as it's not a crappy PSU, that wattage is enough.
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