Best Build for ~$700?

So, i'm building my friend a PC this Friday.

All parts will be bought from the microcenter in ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND.

I'm looking for the best performance possible.

I need: Essential computer parts, WINDOWS 7, and a monitor. (monitor around 100$)

So i'm looking for a 500$ computer (excluding OS and monitor).

I was thinking along the lines of -

MSI 970-a
8 GB DDR3 1333 MHz ram
500 GB Western Digital Caviar Blue
Thermaltake V3 computer case
MSi 7850 2GB
600w OCZ StealthXStream PSU

seem good for 500$? what could I do better?

i wasn't really keen on an i3, due to it only having 2 cores. he will be doing a lot of video editing/rendering so I thought more cores would fit his needs better.

what about a monitor though? we're spending 100$ on it.
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  1. No point in purchasing an FX-6100 even if there's six cores. The FX-6300 is based on AMD's Piledriver and performs better than any Bulldozer CPU ever would.

    Don't bother with OCZ power supplies - get a Seasonic or Corsair instead.
  2. remember i'm on a budget build. the OCZ is 28$ for 600w and has 4/5 stars on newegg.
  3. fearless1 said:
    remember i'm on a budget build. the OCZ is 28$ for 600w and has 4/5 stars on newegg.

    You can get a Corsair CX500 for $39 - it's only $15 more. The Seasonic S12 430W would be quite a bit more. Don't believe everything posted on store review sites - a good 9/10 of people who post reviews don't really know what they are talking about.
  4. so my friend is willing to put 20$ more in for the FX6300.

    can you find me a nice PSU that will power the machine for around 30$ at microcenter? (rockville, MD)
  5. you can find a PSU for $30, no problem, question is, how long will this computer last your friend before the cheap PSU craps out and burns some components and how much will the replacements run.
  6. corsair cx500 should be a good one ^_^
  7. Tavo_Nova said:
    corsair cx500 should be a good one ^_^

    Yeah but that's going to be around the $50 - $60 range. The tricky thing is there's a lot of crappy power supplies in the $30 range, you're not going to find a lot of good ones there.

    is a kingwin a good brand?

    I'm going to say that particular PSU is not good. If it's not certified or rated - don't buy it! It will short out or blow up on you, likely taking most of your components out with it, meaning the cost will be far greater than initial. You're better off spending an extra $20 - $30 on the PSU to avoid having that happen.
  8. don't get kingwin, well if you can find a FSP psu should be cheap but good
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