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Hi guys,
I am looking at adding something to my gaming experience. I know im going to need to replace my msi gtx 560 ti hawk probably at the end of the year for Crysis 3 and War z or Dayz standalone game. I was thinking of adding to my two screens for the surround gaming. The problem with that is my two current screens arent the same and i know running three screens limits the choice of cards you can choose from. Instead I was thinking of 3d gaming. I am wondering if many people use it and how good it is?

I am looking at a 27" 3d 1080p monitor. The ones with resolutions higher than that are probably out of my price range. Can anyone recommend a setup for 3d gaming, with the card capable of running the upcoming games.

The rest of my current rig is
- i5 3570k
- asrock z77 extreme 4 mobo
- 8gb ddr3 kingston blue
- corsair 750watt psu
- Coolermaster 402 cooler
- NZXT 410 phantom case
- msi gtx 560 ti hawk

3D gaming is not something in know a lot about so any opinions or info as well as recommendations is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    You need a strong Graphics card for 3D gaming, more powerful than that 560Ti is in modern games. Also its a better idea to stick with Nvidia when 3D gaming, they are years ahead of AMD on that front (just like AMD is way ahead on multi-monitor gaming).

    The card to get from Nvidia is the GTX670. The card above it, the GTX680, is $100 more for only a 5% performance boost. And with some overclocking can surpass 680 performance.
    Gigabyte GTX670. $400

    I personally haven't used 3D in my games (on an AMD card and dont have a 3D/120Hz monitor), so I cant really tell you if its worth it or not.
  2. I have used 3D in my games. Using HD3D in Dirt 3 and I must say I love the effect. However, using it with other games using the Tridef middleware has so far failed :(. Though I here good things about Nvidia's 3D solution. This is apparently a good monitor though it is very expensive....

    Couldn't check the Amazon link internet was throwing a tantrum -_-
  3. I used to use 3d back when I had a GTX 260 and I can certainly say it's much better than the 3d you get from a 3d tv or the movies. It's definitly a nice thing to have for certain games.

    Often things like the HUD won't be in 3d yet the rest of the game will which can sometimes cause problems.

    Unless you sit a long way from your monitor getting a 27" monitor that's only 1080p is a bad idea. I would only get a 27" monitor if it was 2560x1440 which is going to cost way more. I would recommend a 120hz 3d 24" monitor if your budget is limited.

    And if you do end up getting 3d remember you need a dual link DVI cable not just a normal one if you plan on using DVI.
  4. Thanks for the info guys, esp the tip on the dual link cable. It looks like a 670 is the way to go, im guessing it will far out do getting a second 560 ti. I was looking at the SAMSUNG S27A750D but now i have to work out if the size and resolution will not suite me. How far is too close?
  5. I personally have the S27A950D. I sit about 1.5-2m (6 feet) away and it looks fine to me. Do be advised though I don't think it supports 3D Vision. Not 100% sure though. I do know however that Nvidia sent out that Asus monitor with its promotional packs for develops and reviewers, and it got very good reviews. So makes sure that you get a good 3D monitor.
  6. Burgies said:
    Thanks for the info guys, esp the tip on the dual link cable. It looks like a 670 is the way to go, im guessing it will far out do getting a second 560 ti. I was looking at the SAMSUNG S27A750D but now i have to work out if the size and resolution will not suite me. How far is too close?

    Multiple graphics cards really isn't worth the trouble. I have 2x 6970's but I only ever use one. The problems with drivers and crossfire profiles and of course the expense and extra heat in the case is not worth it. I'm sticking with single cards from now on after all my problems. You can probably use a smaller psu as well since you don't need so many 6/8 pin connectors.

    I wouldn't be worried about being too close. The amount of time you spend looking at monitor/s will be a much bigger factor in eye damage.

    I only sit 30-60cm (1-2 feet) from my 3x 23" monitors and the pixels on a 1080p 27" would be quite obvious at that distance.

    Try and get a non TN panel monitor. Look for IPS or other non TN panels. There's a few different types around depending on the manufacturer. You'll get a better viewing angle, colours, contrast and a better panel with newer technology with the non TN panels.
  7. 3D monitors are all TN, unless you go passive, which cuts your resolution in half. So he'll be forced to go TN.

    As far as 3D goes, I love it. If a games supports it, I use it. I also use a 27" monitor for 3D Vision, and for gaming purposes, 1080p is perfectly fine. You might find the desktop isn't as crisp as it should be, but even that looks perfectly crisp me, due to truetype.

    As far as monitors go, I like that ASUS monitor, but just recently discovered they have a 144hz version of that monitor:

    It doesn't come with the build in kit and glasses, but it does have built in lightboost, so it is 3D Vision 2 ready, if you buy the kit separately.

    Most games require about twice the GPU power as it does without 3D Vision, but the good news is that 3D Vision looks better at medium settings than non-3D Vision at high settings. I still feel a single 560ti is going to be a bit weak.

    Not all games support 3D Vision, probably a bit less than half. Of course you will gain 120hz or 144hz if you chose a 3D Vision monitor, so gain something either way. Some of the games that don't work are fixed with a community modder:

    Games which I find that are awesome in 3D Vision:
    Crysis 2, The Witcher 2, Skyrim, Batman AA and AC, Titan Quest, Metro 2033, Torchlight, Dragon Age 2, Trine, Dirt 3 (haven't tried 2), Tomb Raider (latest one that I'm aware of), Civ 5 (is good, but not really needed for this type of game)
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