[Graphics Card] Query? Will All The Capacity Of The Graphics Be Used?

I just assembled my PC and wanted to know whether it would work thi sway or any other way?

Configs are,

Asus P8H77 M-PRO - Inbuilt Graphics

i5-3570k - Intel 4000HD Built In Graphics

Nvidia Quadro 600

All these are set and running on my PC with my Monitor connected to Quadro 600

I wanted to know whether the capacity i.e. of all the inbuilt, on board and dedicated graphic cards are summed up and used together or the only card being used is simply quadro and the other two are lying idle?

If yes what is the best possible way to optimise and use all the availaible Graphics Resources?

Hopefully the details were sufficient enough!

Thanks! ;)
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  1. As far as I know only the Quadro is being used at present. There is a program called Virtu MVP that can somehow use the integrated GPU of the processor and the add in GPU. I personally have never used it and I don't know how well it works. As far as I can gather your motherboard must be compatible. If you would be able to use the integrated graphics of the motherboard. I don't know.

    BTW what are you using the pc for? Because the Quadro isn't really a gaming card so I'd imagine your using it for workstation work?
  2. Using it for Workstation, 3Dsmax! :) thnx for d reply neways!
  3. No, currently only the Quadro is being used as a graphics output, the Integrated on the CPU isnt involved.

    You can use the integrated with Lucid Logic Virtue, but that harness' the integrated for tasks such as video transcoding (like changing a .MOV file into a .MP4), not graphical performance.

    The only case where integrated graphics can run in tandem with dedicated is on AMD APU's where the integrated and (some) AMD graphics cards can run in a hybrid Crossfire set-up.
  4. Aah I see :). Don't really know much about workstation use. Try doing some research on the Virtu MVP to start with. After that you can maybe try contacting Asus and asking if they know how you could use all the graphics horsepower. :D
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