Gigabyte 7950 drivers

i just got gigabyte 7950 wf3,

should i download drivers from amd site or gigabyte? (on gigabyte site, drivers seem to be outdated, they are from february, and on amd site they are from august(

also, will this BOOST for bios be updated with drivers that i download ?

thanks in advance
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  1. No, go to ATI/AMD and get the drivers from there. They will be more current. Go here:

    Get the 32-bit or 64-bit release based on the version of Windows you are using.

    Good luck!

    Last, the BIOS of the video card will not be upgraded by the drivers/Catalyst.
  2. how can i update BIOS in that case ? i am not very experienced with that.
  3. Why do you need to update the BIOS? In most cases, this is simply not required. BTW, updating the BIOS really has nothing to do with the drivers. Just so you know.

    Other than updating the drivers, what problems are you having?
  4. i have no problems, but amd released BOOST for bios when nvidia released 660 ti, so it gives a nice performance bump to 7xxx series after you update it.
  5. Did you try to install the update listed at?

    Is your HD7950 a reference design?
  6. Personally, I wouldn't update the BIOS unless there is a problem. You can overclock the HD7950 without upgrading the BIOS.

    Your call.
  7. i am not going to install new bios that easily without getting at least 3-4 opinnions.

    i dont know is it reference because im not 100% sure what that means, it is amd graphic card that got modified by gigabyte (3 fans), stock version, not OC
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