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hey guys i cant build a pc on my own so i need a website in the uk that i can order it,how i want it, build it for me, and a friend of mine will bring badget is 750 pounds or 950 euros.....i like to play baf 3 cod4 all of them (black ops 2) borderlands 2 dishonored max payne 3....i really need an answer because there's no other choice,here in cyprus is too expensive....any suggestion is acceptable and usefull.....many many thanks in advance
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  1. You can't build one on your own? I mean if you are incapable of using a screwdriver I guess. But if you are incapable of using a screwdriver gaming is probably not going to be much of a fun experience.

    You can have your friends bring the parts for you :)

    And most of the other people on these forums are going to persuade you to build, since we like to help people get the most out of their systems.
  2. actually i'm very capable of using a screwdriver....i just dont want to *** it up....and its my first time i dont want to screw it....but anyway can you suggest me any websites please even if its only parts....thank you very much
  3. Well, I'm not from the UK, but generally when I help people from the UK, I just recommend Amazon, because its easy.
  4. there are so many guides (mostly on youtube) that you cant go wrong, just pick out the parts you want and check back with us
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