Buying gaming pc rig what u guys think

Hi tomshardware community ,
I have around £1200 to build a rig and am close to getting all the parts I don't need an monitor ,, I would like the option to crossfire in future here are my parts

CPU-Intel core i5-3570k
GPU-Asus amd radeon 7970 hd
Motherboard-Asus sabertooth z77 motherboard
Memory-Corsair 8 gb vengeance DDR3
CPU COOLER - Noctua NH-D14 dual radiator CPU cooler
SSD- Samsung 256gb 830 SSD sata 6 2.5 inch
Storage - Western digital caviar green 2 tb hard drive
PSU-Pc power and cooling silencer mk11 950w
Optical drive-Liteon ihas124-04 24x DVDrw sata
Case- antec 302

Any thoughts on changes want to keep to budget of £1200 tops cheaper would be nice but I don't want to sacrifice quality for money saved , I also need an OS but that's not in the budget
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  1. You could probably drop down to a 7950 and still have an awesome computer if you need to save money.
  2. I agree with Deemo especially if you are only running one monitor a 7950 should be more then sufficient. And your power supply is good but you probably don't need a 950w psu you could go with something smaller. Something like what I'm linking below.
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