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Help with a amd new build for a NOOB???

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November 5, 2012 7:14:29 PM

Hi everyone!
So basically my pc is definately on the way out so am looking to build a replacement.

I currntly hae 2 monitors on my pc so would like to keep them and possibly go to 3 monitors in the future so would like this to be accounted for. I dont really game on the pc, mainly because my machine cant really handle it but i would like to maybe have a go at a couple games from time to time, but mainly use the pc for building my website but i do do a lot of multi tasking so needs to handle lots of things happning at once.

I like the Zalman z11 plus case
I am on a budget so have decided to go for an amd processor like the bulldozer fx 6 core or similar
and need to buy windows 7
i can take dvd drive and a 500gb hard drive from my current system

but would like all else included

Oh and my budget is around £400-£500

all opinions are welcomed and i would like to order everything asap so please let me know guys


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November 5, 2012 8:07:46 PM

Bulldozer was not that great for gaming. You would be better off with Piledriver or an Intel-based computer.
November 5, 2012 8:23:29 PM

^He's not the typical visitor - he's not looking for gaming, he's looking for web development and general productivity.

EDIT: the main factors in a computer like this are size and noise. Would you like a tiny computer to hide behind your monitors? Cuz we can do that. Same for a computer that'll be nice and quiet.
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November 5, 2012 8:29:23 PM

im not really botheed about size but noise is a little important.
at the moment hve a dell xps 710 so im used to a large pc lol

and yes gaming is not main priority just wat a quick system that doesnt crash and can handle me using lots of programs at once

ps thanks for our replies
November 5, 2012 8:35:04 PM

this i what I am tinking atm
Zalman Z11 plus case
Asus M5A78LM Motherboard
AMD FX-8150 black editon 3.6ghz
8GB of corsair vengece 1600MHZ RAM
ati radeon hd7770
windows 7 home premium

what changes or additions would you make?
November 5, 2012 8:40:33 PM

Make sure you get the version of that motherboard that has USB 3.0 support.

If you're buying a processor like that, get an aftermarket cooler both to overclock with and to cool - amd runs hot. (Hyper 212 + or EVO is always good.)

Drop to a 7750 - it's all you need.
November 5, 2012 8:48:04 PM

ok so the rest is ok?

also I have just been looking at intel as i would prefer intel as i have only ever had intel
and was looking at the i5-2500k and was wondering if anyone could recommend he othr parts??
November 5, 2012 8:55:19 PM

Get the 3570k - it's only $10 more, and is newer tech.

As for your other parts, they look good aside from what I said. (make sure to get a good cooler.)
November 5, 2012 8:59:26 PM

what bout motherbard for 3570k??
any suggetions and also power supply?
November 5, 2012 9:04:26 PM

Derp on my part. My bad.

Intel is quick, but if you are not going to overclock, you might just want to go with a standard i5-3450 and a H77 motherboard to save cash.
November 5, 2012 9:12:29 PM

ok second system thoughts
Zalman z11 plus case
Asrock H77 pro-4 Motherboard
Intel i5-3570k
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO (120mm) cpu ooler
corsair vengece 8gb 1600mhz ram
sapphire amd radeon hd7750
and need suggestions on psu
November 5, 2012 9:15:03 PM

That looks good.

For the PSU, you likely don't need more than 550w of a reliable brand (Antec, SeaSonic, Corsair, XFX, OCZ...)
November 5, 2012 9:22:17 PM

ok awesome although is slighty over budget lol
November 5, 2012 9:36:35 PM

Ehh, the PSU is the last place you want to skimp - if it goes bad, it could take the entire computer with it.
November 5, 2012 9:38:52 PM

and i meant the whole sstem comes out a little over budget
November 5, 2012 9:39:15 PM

Antec VP550P

is that one ok??
November 5, 2012 9:40:33 PM

It's good, but it has dual twelve-volt rails - just means you have to pay more attention so you balance your power draws on each line.
November 5, 2012 9:40:45 PM

oh no idea what that means lol
November 5, 2012 9:42:09 PM

sirius91 said:
Asrock H77 pro-4 Motherboard

Just noticed this - you need a Z77 board if you want to overclock. If you don't want to overclock, drop the heatsink and the "k" model of processor.

And if you don't end up a little over budget, you're not doing it right. ;) 
November 5, 2012 9:43:52 PM

also i have never overclocked or used an ocerclocked machine
would it be worth it considering im not really going to be gaming ??
November 5, 2012 9:44:09 PM

you need a amd fx 6300 (piledriver 6 core) or piledriver fx 8350 or or amd fx 8320.
they will be fine processors for your needs.
i would recommend piledriver amd fx 6300. good for multitasking (6 core) and quite good ghz speed. it be perfect for multitasking and web designing.
November 5, 2012 9:49:52 PM

i cant find the fx6300 in stock anywhere
November 5, 2012 9:51:08 PM

It helps more if you're not gaming. But no, you'll be fine either way, and it's cheaper to not.

As for adamyjake... I highly doubt you _need_ a piledriver - 6 cores doesn't help at all when multitasking, web designing isn't multithreated, and the clock speed only is helpful when comparing chips OF THE SAME MODEL.
November 5, 2012 9:51:24 PM

are they new as i dont think they have been released in UK yet
November 5, 2012 10:07:25 PM

whats the difference between modular psu and non modular psu???
November 5, 2012 10:08:37 PM

Not much of a difference - modular makes it easy to manage cables.