How to Install win7 off a USB?

Okay, I don't have the CD but I have a USB, and in the usb is personal files, then there is one called "Win7" and I click it, in there is 3 files, "boot" "efic" and sourc64"

is that the correct thing for win7?

Also how do I make my brand new rig, with nothing installed on it, run my USB from the folder on the USB, then install it on my 1TB HDD? Because here is the issue, I ahve no CD, but I have it on USB, and I`m gonna be re-using this HDD but its gonna go to funky town since my mobo will change, I gotta re-install win7 using my USB, also do I install drivers, or win7 first?
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  2. umm, I'm fairly sure that in order to make a bootable USB you need to reformat it. Although you can try putting a boot.ini that points to the install file in the root.

    the installation goes as follows, get your install media ready (ie create a bootable USB flash drive with win7 install on it)
    put your new rig toghether
    start up, go to bios, make sure USB boot is enabled, plug in the USB, restart
    wait for windows install to load, NOTE: IT WILL FORMAT THE DRIVE THAT YOU CHOSE TO INSTALL WIN7 TO.

    so make sure you back up all you data
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