Gaming pc build any input ?

Hi tomshardware community ,
I have around £1200 to build a rig and am close to getting all the parts I don't need an monitor ,, I would like the option to crossfire in future here are my parts

CPU-Intel core i5-3570k
GPU-Asus amd radeon 7970 hd
Motherboard-Asus sabertooth z77 motherboard
Memory-Corsair 8 gb vengeance DDR3
CPU COOLER - Noctua NH-D14 dual radiator CPU cooler
SSD- Samsung 256gb 830 SSD sata 6 2.5 inch
Storage - Western digital caviar green 2 tb hard drive
PSU-Pc power and cooling silencer mk11 950w
Optical drive-Liteon ihas124-04 24x DVDrw sata
Case- antec 302

Any thoughts on changes want to keep to budget of £1200 tops cheaper would be nice but I don't want to sacrifice quality for money saved , I also need an OS but that's not in the budget
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  1. I would ditch the Sabertooth to be honest. Its not that much better than any other high end Z77's. Its a good motherboard no doubt, but not worth it.
  2. looks fine to me. great build. only a few concerns:

    1. vengeance with huge heat spreaders? noctua is a pretty large cooler, I'd suggest to get ram with no extra fins (standard 30mm height is fine)

    2. MK 2 is an older model, isn't there a newer MKIII at the same wattage? I'd expect it to be more efficient. But if it's more expensive, then forget it, MKII is still a fine PSU.

    3. I'm lazy to check what comes with your case and I don't know which SSD package you're getting, but be mindful that you'll probably need a bracket for SSD to fit into 3.5" bay. So if neither comes with a bracket make sure to order one ahead of time instead of having to delay your build by 3-5 days just because of a $7 item.
  3. Which ram would u suggest ? ,,
  4. Sorry miss read u mean the low profile vengeance which allow for my large fan , so other than that I was thinking of changing the motherboard to the ASrock z77 extreme6 atx lga1155 what u think ?
  5. Yeah low profile will be just fine. extreme 6 should be a decent board. I just built my own with an extreme 4, works good.
  6. Thanks for your input am very close to buying this build now I feel quite happy with it
  7. i have just bought a Asus P8Z77-V LX and works great i also bought this ram Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 8GB 1600MHz CL9 DDR3
    awesome so far
  8. but i didnt have £1200 ha
  9. Yeah the motherboard is one I have looked at as well looks good for your money
  10. i used to have a gigabyte and had nothing but problems i must of got a bad batch so i bought that one and ive not had any problems. got a 240 gb ssd and a Asus 1GB GeForce GTX 560TI DirectCUII PCI-E Graphics Card i would of liked to buy a better one
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