Dell precision 390 compatible graphics card upgrade

Hello, I have Dell Precision 390 E6420 2.13 GHz , 975 X motherboard and 375 W power Supply..So nVidia GT 630 compatible with this mother board
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  1. This one?

    If the answer is yes, it does support GT 630.
  2. Thanx, are sure about it ? I'm really worrying about this case..Bcoz I gonna buy EVGA GT 630..Could you please tell me few compatible graphic cards for Precision 390 ?? :) Please help me soon
  3. This one, right?

    If yes, it is compatible. May I ask what is the reason for buying such a weak card?
  4. Yeah..This is the one..Yeah I know..I don't have enough money to buy super graphic card..So GT 630 and GT 640 Compatible ?? I thing 975 X has PCI 1.0..So PCI 2.0 card compatible ???
  5. They are both compatible.
  6. Thanx a lot...Then 975 X has PCI 1.0 slot. So PCI 2.0 card compatible ???
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