Help me with PSU and Ram Memory


I am going to purchase a new rig for gaming and programming,running server emulation for local debugging and server programming,watching full HD movies and photoshop works.

Both CPU and GPU will be OCed.
Running Windows 7 Ultimate.
1920x1080 resolution.
HDD 7200 rpm.

This is what I have in mind:

I got a few doubts though:
- Do I need 16gb of ram or would I get off easily with 8gb?I dont plan on gaming and programing/work in photoshop/watch movies at same time.The price of 16gb(4 x 4gb) is 87,10 eur and 8 gb(2 x 4 gb) is 43,40 eur.
- I am going to run SLI in the future.Is the PSU good or is it overkill for my system?I would prefer to have a PSU with 4 x 6+2 on the 12v rail.

I play everything from Skyrim to Guild Wars 2,meaning CPU depend and CPU little effect on FPS.I dont mind loading screens.

Any other comments on the build are welcome.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. You probably won't need 16GB of RAM if you won't be doing any heavy editing any time soon. Just get 8GB. Also, that PSU is fine. Probably slightly more than you will need, but if you will be doing SLI in the future, It's worth it.
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