660ti vs 670 vs 680

Okay, so I'm building a new gaming rig and am looking for some help. I've got the whole system built except for the GPU. The rest of the system looks like this:

MSI Z77A-GD65 mobo
Seasonic M12II 850 watt 80+ Bronze PSU
G. Skill Ripjaws X 16gb DDR3-1600

Now that the main system is out of the way, I am looking at three different GPU options. I either will SLI two 660ti's or go with one 670 ftw or one 680.

The 670 seems like the best deal, but I have read a lot of people having problems with it crashing. It doesn't seem to matter who makes it either. EVGA, MSI, Galaxy, Asus, all of them are having the same issue. I haven't read about any problems with the 680 or the 660ti, but I know it's always better to go with the best single card over SLI. So while the 660ti will give me the greatest performance, I'd rather go with only one card. I'm just weary of the 670 b/c of all the crashing issues, but also don't think the 680 is worth the $500 price tag b/c of the value of the 660/670.

I'm really just wondering if people are still having problems with the 670 or have they been worked out? Also what would any of you do?

I'm sticking with nVidia. Let me get that clear. I've had AMD cards in the past with bad experiences and I really like Physx and nVidia Surround. So before everyone starts recommending a 7950 0r 7970, it won't work.

Thanks again.
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  1. I don't know about the problems but I would recommend a 670 and I would recommend it over a 7950/7970 anyway.

    SLI/Crossfire isn't worth it and the GTX 580 is very overpriced so the GTX 570 is the best.

    I've been using ATi's and am planning on going back to nVidia soon so I know how you feel :P
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