Dedicated PhysX Card: Update Drivers?

I'm not quite there yet, but I'm making plans on upgrading my GTX 560 non-ti to a GTX 660 ti come Christmas. I intend to use my old 560 as a dedicated PhysX card afterward. Setting that up seems pretty straightforward from what I've been reading, however I did have two questions:

1. I'm going to be purchasing a new motherboard to go with my new GPU (which will require fresh windows installation), so once I get everything set up I'll leave my 560 aside and only install the 660 ti and its drivers. I'm thinking after I get my entire system up and running THEN I'll plug in my 560 and set it as my PhysX device. My question is this: Since this will be a fresh windows which has never seen the 560 before, will I need to worry about updating the drivers on my 560? If so, how would I update the drivers of my 560 separate from my 660?

2. As aforementioned, I am going to be purchasing a new motherboard. I intend on keeping my old i5 2500K, so I'm going to get a mobo that has an LGA 1155 socket as well as a PCI 3.0 x16 slot. All of the motherboards of this spec do have a PCI 2.0 slot, however they are denoted as @x4. I sorta kinda know what that means, it will only have 1/4 the bandwidth as a full x16 slot and is useful for RAID cards and whatnot. However, I'm wondering if there will be any negative impact if I put my 560 in such a slot with the intentions of running it simply as a PhysX device? I think it should be fine because I read somewhere that you could even plug in a graphics card for use as a PhysX device in a regular PCIe slot.

Thanks in advance
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    Just plug them both in and when you download the newest drivers it will install both. Then under the Nvidia control panel just pick the 560 as the physx. It is quite simple. Now for the real answer ... You don't need the 560 in your system at all it will just heat up your room and not be doing anything 98% of the time. The 660 can do physx just fine by itself and you won't have to have a 700+ watt power supply to run all of that.

  2. Are you sure it wouldn't be a noticeable performance gain?
  3. You would see a little bit for the what 4 major tittles that use phsyc right now but not allot the 660 is quite a hoss of a card.

  4. It really won't be a problem. The PhysX load on the 660 Ti will be negligible. Sell your 570 and put the proceeds toward your next upgrade.
  5. Alright well that makes things easier. Also it's only a 560 non ti so I won't be able to get much for it in resale. I think I'm just going to do as recommended and not even plug my 560 in. Thanks for the input.
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