680 on a z68 vs z77?

Hey everyone. I've been thinking about upgrading my comp from a 570 up to a 680 but I've come across something that is kinda stumping me. I know that if you have a new 22nm CPU and a z77 board you can take advantage of the pcie 3.0's upgraded bandwidth. I currently have a Asus p8z68 v-pro/gen 3 and an i7-2600k so I only have pcie 2.0. But I saw that the 600 series of gpus were 3.0 compatible. my question is, if I throw a 680 into my current setup will I have less framerates and such as compared to it being in a pcie 3.0 setup? Or will the graphics performance be the same regardless?
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  1. the ony time pci-e is relavent is multi card setups, as you can notice that pci-e 2.0 and 3.0 at 8x are the following above:

    Gtx 680
    2.0 8x = 96%
    3.0 8x = 100%

    HD 7970
    2.0 8x = 98%
    3.0 8x = 100%

    where that value increases as more cards get put in, so like a tri crossfire/sli would lose more performance on 3 pci-e 2.0 slots compared to 3 pci-e 3.0. If you plan on only using 1 card, then z68/z77 is fine.
  2. Thanks for the info guys :) but yeah I don't plan on a sli setup anytime soon. No point in having multiple cards run 300 fps and bake. I run v-sync on everything, just makes sense to do it haha
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