No video output GTX260 (more details inside)

I'm not able to get any video output on my GTX260 that I'm putting into this computer. Putting it in any other computer, video, no problem, so I know the card is good. I am replacing an HD5670, so I know the PCI-e lanes are good, and it's configured to use them.

Pertinent system specs are as follows:
MSI K9N4 MS-7352 Ver 1.0 motherboard
AM2 processor (forgot the type)
GPU is powered by Ultra X4 850W PSU with 2x dual molex -> PCIe 6 pin (I have the 6pin PCIe connectors that go straight the PSU vs the molex adapters, but I won't be able to get to them until tomorrow night)

Tried using the CMOS reset button. Tried pulling the CMOS battery. Tried everything I can normally think of and still not able to get it working.

Any advice, ideas, things that I've overlooked?
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More about video output gtx260 more details inside
  1. take the PS out of the computer it works in and try it in the other machine along with the 260.
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