How to set up Tenda W311R as a repeater to work with Linksys WTR120N?

I tried to set up Tenda W311R as a repeater to increase the coverage.

I have done the following, but still it cannot get Internet access:

Set up WDS with the same channel and use the same encryption as the Linksys router;

Disable the DHCP in the W311R;

From the wireless point of view, I can see the Tenda router, but no Internet access.

I would be grateful for some assistance.

David Wong.
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  1. Beware, WDS is NOT a wifi certified protocol, so incompatibilities across manufacturers are extremely common. So much so that it's almost not worth the effort. Unfortunately, most manufacturers never mention it, and just assume (apparently) you'll only be using their equipment, exclusively.

    That's why it's preferable to either use the same manufacturer's equipment, OR, use universal wireless repeating. Universal wireless repeating uses standard wifi protocols, and thus can connect to any other wireless device using those same standards, regardless of manufacturer.

    As bad as that sounds, it's still possible (if remote) that it might work across manufacturers, esp. if they coincidentally outsource their firmware to the same developers. So it’s possible WDS implementations are compatible from time to time.

    WDS is actually pretty simple to configure. For the most part, it’s either going to work right away or not at all. What I would suggest is disabling wireless security, just in case that’s causing a problem. Some of the earlier implementations of WDS couldn’t handle WPA (key rotation issues caused sync problems across the network), only WEP. That’s probably a non-issue for modern equipment, but you never know if all manufacturers have kept their WDS implementations current.

    Note as well, it’s not uncommon for it to appear to work initially but then fail. All it takes is a minor incompatibility and the right circumstances to trigger a failure. So even if you get it going, keep a close eye on it for quirky or nagging problems.

    Yes, all very negative comments, but I’ve been dealing w/ WDS over many years, and have seen these issues time and time again. WDS can be real headache if you’re not 100% sure of compatibility.
  2. Eibgrad, many thanks for the advice. I think I will give up the test and just use the Tenda router as a simple AP when I travel to China.
  3. Hi!
    I bought TENDA W311R+ and tried to set up as a repeater to increase the coverage with other one (W311R+) too! Firmware of the first is V3.1.201d_EN and I can't update it because haven't phizical access (but I can enter in the Settings). Firmware of the another is latest Br_V5.19.08_MULTI, I can't find in it LAZY WDS option, avaiable is "Network Bridge" only.
    Settings of the first router is:
    WAN IP: xxx.169.137.183
    DNS1: yyy.157.196.132
    DNS2: yyy.157.196.131
    Connection mode: Dynamic IP
    LAN IP:
    DNS Settings: Off
    WLAN Advanced settings: default
    WLAN Basic Settings:
    SSID: Tenda
    Mode: 11b/g/n mixed
    Broadcast SSID: Enable
    Channel: 1 (2412MHz)
    MBSSID AP Isolation: Disable
    AP Isolation: Disable
    Operating Mode: Mixed
    Channel BandWidth: 20/40
    WPS Settings: Enable
    WPS Auth Mode: Open

    Settings of the second (repeater) router is the same. It found and wrote first router's MAC/SSID in WDS Settings during the scanning. But there is NO CONNECTION still! What's wrong?
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