Tablet PC,perfect and powerful, why so cheap?

Tablet PC,perfect and powerful, why so cheap
good looking and Full-featured
"Tablet PC,Stylish, elegant and High-Tech, full-featured,very cheap, very affordable,very attractive "
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  1. If this is not spam and an actual question about that tablet well then:
    2 GB is limited storage
    It is only a 3G speed tablet
    It has wireless B/G but no wireless N
    It only has 256mb of RAM
    It has an extremely low battery life
    No GPS
    No Bluetooth
    And the display is only 7"
  2. Nice Ad!

    Sounds like how I would describe myself on a dating site "Good Looking and Full Featured and Elegant".
  3. LOL, nice one.

    I figured it was just spam but just felt like responding. :whistle:
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