Which of these cases would be best?

which of these cases would be the best?

Corsair Carbide 300R Black Mid-Tower Gaming Case with Side Window

Lancool (By Lian Li) Black PC-K62 Dragonlord Dark Ice Mid Tower Chassis

Antec Nine Hundred Two (Version 3)

Thermaltake Overseer Full Tower with HDD Docking Station

Thermaltake V9 BlacX Edition Mid Tower Chassis

Silverstone KL04B-W Black Colour Mid-Tower Case

what i am looking for is looks and cooling.
my favourite would have to be the overseer.

please help any comments are appreciated thank you :)
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  1. The silver stone is discontinued, And the antec 900 and v9 have no cable management. Do you want a case with a window or a smaller case? If the smaller case then the 300r. (but if you ask me, I would get the 400r.) If you want a big case with a window and better cooling, the Thermaltake Overseer.
  2. thank you what would you get? i dont care about the window.
  3. If you like the Overseer, go for the Overseer. You are going to be the one who is looking at it every day, not us. :)
  4. good thought but in the end it comes down to. with the stock fans what performs the best and which would last the longest?
  5. Cases generally last a long time. They're all good cases to be honest; there isnt really one that's the "best"
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