Ram Upgrade Question

I currently have a mobo that support 256 Meg Ram. I ordered 1 module of 256 Ram
But, I recently Checked my Mobo's Manual and it's saying that each slot can have up to 128 meg ram

Please Help me, Cause I don't want to return my memory.
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  1. What can anyone say? A good lesson on why one should do his homework rather than make assumptions.

    :smile: <font color=green>I wonder...what is the speed of gravity!</font color=green> :smile:
  2. Oh well. If you don't wanna have to return it, then just run the 256 stick and keep that 128 stick somewhere for safekeeping. Perhaps you can use it in another system...

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  3. well, you got a point. But I just figured it out now because I have an HP, and they didn't tell how much memory I should put in each bank in the manual until I checked the website. (damn hp)
  4. hmm, on second thought, if it's not working I AM going to return it. But it such a hassle!
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