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I am hooking up my computer, its a custom. I'm doing the final things, drivers and such. I just got my AMD Radeon HD 6870 drivers going. Anyway, my screen is a gateway FX2300 widescreen LCD. I can't get my desktop "screen" (The square area that is the desktop and bottom taskbar) to reach the borders of my LCD. On max resolution of 1920x1080 it looks to be a good 1.5 inch from the borders on both the left and right. On the top and bottom it appears to be about an inch space.

Why won't my computer use all of the display space? If I decrease the resolution, the distance from the display borders increases even more! I can't get it how I like it, and it looks stupid this way.
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  1. are you hooking up this monitor via HDMI? if so check your scaling settings in catalyst....this happens alot with tv's via HDMI
  2. Yes, it's connected via HDMI. I'm looking on the catalyst, I can't find scaling settings. Need to get a manual a lot of stuff on here that I dont know what it is.

    Edit: okay, I found an AMD guide for it. It showed me how to do the GPU scaling, but it didn't work. It doesn't get any closer to the borders of the screen.
  3. does the monitor have any scaling options? if so it should be on just scan or something like that....I would mess around with either monitor menu or the catalyst menu until you figure out what settings need to be changed.
  4. Catalyst Control Center > My Digital Flat-Panels > Scaling Options (Digital Flat-Panel)

    btw, i have got the same video card and monitor
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