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Black Screen system crash on Minecraft with SLI GTX 570s

Got a slightly frustrating issue here guys, every 30 minutes or so my whole system crashes

Asus Maximus V
16 GB G.skill Sniper
1000W XFX Fully Modular PSU
2 GTX 570HD in SLI
Intel i7 3770k

While I playing Minecraft with my buds once in a while I get a black screen then both my monitors go black I can here audio and people on Teamspeak (VOIP Service) for a couple seconds then it freezes the audio and I must hold down my power button to restart.
No other game or program has ever caused my computer to crash Diablo III, Starcraft II, World of Warcraft, ArmA II (DayZ), Skyrim and many other demanding titles. This really frustrates me as I see minecraft as a low requirement game I can't see what could be causing these issues. Maybe a problematic Java installation?
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    since this is the only game that causes your system to crash it is def a software issue...I would try a different set of drivers maybe the latest ones if those are not already installed...if they are try older ones...also make sure everything else is up to etc.
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