My hybrid nvidia card updates makes the card not work

i have a nvidia g105m hybrid card for windows vista 64 and for some reason the card stops working when i update it anyone have a solution??
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  1. a possible fix would to not update to the latest drivers sometimes the latest drivers are not the best/stable....can you give us the specs on the laptop? the g105m is just like an integrated card do you have another video card in the system? also another reason you could be experiencing issues is bc you have windows vista sometimes new hardware doesnt play nice with vista.
  2. the other card is mobile intel 4 series express chip set and it has an intel core two duo cpu 4gigs of ram
  3. only the latest drivers been going on for like 6 months when i try to update
  4. hmm ok so the gt105m is the dedicated card and the intel 4 series chipset is the integrated in this you only experience issues with the latest drivers? what about the older ones?
  5. the older drivers run just fine
  6. alright then well thanks for your time and patience
  7. then what I said is def the case...if you have issues with the latest drivers and not the older ones then its bc there is something wrong with the latest ones...I would go back to the next newest ones and stay with those for a while but keep an eye out for any new updates that come out and try those out.
  8. no problem man anytime sorry I could not offer a magic fix
  9. *It's common that the update has to come from the LAPTOP MANUFACTURER, not from NVidia itself.

    However, NVidia implies that they have a reference driver that SHOULD work:

    My advice is:
    1. uninstall any current NVidia drivers completely
    2. try the above driver (if it fails, try the latest one from your laptop support site)

    1. update BIOS if new one exists
    2. test RAM via Memtest
    3. update any other drivers as needed (from your laptop support site)

    Let us know how it goes.
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