Gaming desktop build for around 600$ Help!

I'm looking to build my own Gaming PC, because I can't seem to find a pre-build for a reasonable price.

Budget Range: around 600$

System Usage from Most to Least Important:
Gaming, School Work...

Parts Not Required: Pretty Much Everything, Incept a Keyboard, Monitor(1080p)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts e.g.: anywhere’s in which price is reasonable
Country: I'm currently in Canada

Additional Comments: I'm new to building computers, so if there's any guides to help me create this it would help a lot.
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  1. I would download the motherboard manual before ordering any board. It's your best source of info for populating a new board. Here's a youtube video to get you started:

    Here's my partslist: $87 shipped $34 $180 after promo code $165 after rebate $10 after promo code
    sentey classic 3340 case (newegg link broken) $30 after promo code

    Windows 7 pro unopened copy off craigslist $70 $55

    You don't need windows 8; it's for wireless devices; the craigslist price is an estimate.

    Total estimate: $631
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