Can we add graphic card to dell laptop d630

i just want to know that can we aatach external graphics card to the dell latitude D630.if yes then what is the best card to attach.
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  1. Are you trying to game on the laptop? I'm pretty sure you can't really add a graphics card outside the computer without the use of a ViDock, which wouldn't be worth it in your case.

    If you are not gaming, you can add a graphics adapter to display the screen.
  2. If your meaning something like putting a actual desktop graphics card in it no. Laptops do use different types of gpu's then what laptops use, therefor you would have to buy a whole new motherboard. Which would cost as much as whatever you bought the laptop for. If your interested in gaming I would just build a gaming computer on Newegg, tiger direct or any other place of that nature.
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