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Issues ....... Super slow loading windows

  • Windows 7
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February 20, 2012 5:40:20 AM

Hi Guys,

Happy new year
Sadly im having a very frustrating time with my computer, firstly i will list what i have then describe the frustration im having

Windows 7 Ultimate

Mother board
Asus P5N E SLI

Grafix Card
Geforce 8600GT

Intel core2duo 6600 running at factory default (never been over clocked)

OCZ Reaper 2 x 2GB DDR2 running at 800Hz

1 is a seagate 320, seperated into two 160gb blocks one for system and the other for downloads
2 is a western digital 1tb which holds all my data, files, music, movies, photos etc.


Ive had a few minor issues which if managed to resolve, through surfing the net and with some direction from a couple of IT guys from work.
What i have now is a real pain in the $#@#$

It started with the system feeling noticably slow.
Then everynow and then i would have to go into bios to reset my HDD priorty as it had changed (like i had lost my primary drive during startup) i would go into bios, could see it set to priorty 2 in bois i would just simply change it (this drive is in position 1 SATA port on the MB)
Thinking i my HDD may be on its way out i decided to run the Segate Seatools program and test the HDD but it all came up sweet.
I then started to think it may be either my MB or CPU so i started running the program Hot CPU tester pro, this too could see no problems on the over night test tho my cpu was maxed out at 100%.
So now im back to square one not knowing what to look at next.
The PC is now taking an age to get to the desk top 5 minutes and 35 seconds (which is painful)
It takes quite some time to get through the bios self test (ramm check etc) takes ages around detecting IDE
When it does finally get to the windows loading screen it freezes with the windows logo with the green window at 8 Oclock (does this everytime i reboot or startup)
If i go to safe mode it seems to stall at classpnp.sys for some time before it will get to desktop.

Once i do finally get in it seems to operate ok, but not like it used to be, just feels strangled. Now i know this rig isnt the latest its i guess about 3-4years old now mabe 5 at a push? but i would still expect it to be running better than this.

At idel only running Norton NIS 2012 the cpu is 7% and the ram is 29%

If someone has the time i would greatly value their help, would love to at the very least speed up my boot time :) 

Thanks in advance

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a b $ Windows 7
February 20, 2012 6:02:57 AM

Well PCs dont age well like wine. If its a degradation over time, that is to expected. Can try blasting dust and grime out of it with compressed air or even reinstalling the OS. Preventative maintenance along the way really does help a system out. Rather than finally doing something about it and it may be too late :) 
a b $ Windows 7
February 20, 2012 6:12:37 AM

Reinstalling your os would be your best bet. Your cmos battery might be running flat as well.
February 20, 2012 11:12:11 AM

Sounds like something might be wrong with your Windows installation. Have you cleaned the registers / removed temp files / removed unused icons from the desktop / removed useless processes from start up?
November 14, 2012 10:56:39 AM

That's funny I'm in EXACTLY same position right now. I have P5N-E as well which is 3-4 years old.
I have double boot Windows 7/Windows 8 and both can't go over initial load Windows screen. BIOS tests take same amount of time as before (i.e. pretty fast).
Tried reset BIOS to default settings but it did not help. Before it happened I had slowness in Windows for any app and saw werfault.exe spawned. However I did not have a chance to check event log to figure what's wrong; windows is not booting anymore.

Is there any way to diagnose hardware problem with loading Windows?