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Late post beep

Hi everyone. I finally built my first PC, but I am shaky and I worry that maybe I broke a cpu pin or didn't apply the thermal paste correctly. for the hyper 212 evo, the directions said to put the bars with the bends facing a certain direction, does this matter? I have not connected to a monitor yet, but I'm pretty sure that for a new gigabyte board, the post should take less then 5 sec, but it takes 8. will my system crash after a minute of use because the cpu is overheated?

thermal paste: I put a dab on the heat pipes, but then I got my finger in it somehow. I put another dab on the heat pipes and spent some time putting the bars and screws in the right location. As I screwed each end in, I saw a tiny bit of paste come out from under the heat sink.

I am an epic noob at this right now, any info on whether it's fine or needs some work would be great. I am so nervous, as this is my first build.
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    Naaahhhh, if you broke something, it wouldn't post at all.

    Also, freaking out over 3 seconds in post is just kinda silly.

    If you want to find out if your computer will crash, well... turn it on and see if it crashes. :P

    Facing the heatsink is just to give it a better surface area over the cores - doesn't matter that much.

    As for heatsink, you did fine, as long as you cleaned it before the second dab of thermal paste to remove finger oils.

    The best advice I can give you... stop being nervous.
    It's actually kinda hard to mess up a computer if you do what you're supposed to, and since you have the intelligence to use proper grammar and punctuation, (thanks for that by the way!) you're likely more than intelligent enough to follow a youtube video.
  2. DarkSable said:
    As for heatsink, you did fine, as long as you cleaned it before the second dab of thermal paste to remove finger oils

    I didn't, I didn't have anything to clean it with.

    I will not be overclocking, so I am willing to give up 10% heatsink efficiency to not redo this.

    If I NEED to get something to clean it and reapply thermal paste, I think I can do that, but only if necessary.
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  4. after a few starts, although I couldn't install the os yet, the time taken for post shortened
  5. No, you don't need to clean it - you're exactly right, it just reduces efficiency a little.
    Should you ever need to clean a CPU, isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth will be fine.

    Why are you unable to install the OS? We can probably help with that.
  6. ssd not recognized anywhere except for the forced boot thing, which directs the system to the dvd drive. I got it to first show up by switching the power connector. I tried different sata ports on the mobo, too.

    the 3d bios (gigabyte) is amazing except for the lagging usb mouse.
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