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Hi, I recently purchased the Windforce Geforce GTX 670 and so far it's been phenomenal. Although I just want to clear something up. Upon start up, the cards fans get really loud until the windows boot screen pops up (I think they're close to 100% but I can't really say). Now, I'veheard that some Graphic cards do this and I just want to clear up that this is normal? I'm pretty sure it is. Now, aslong as this is normal I'm cool with it. But I also wondering if there is a way to change it?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Its normal for the first few seconds. Maybe even till windows/the drivers kick in. Nothing to worry about. Don't think you could change it without messing in the firmware.

    Random thought, anyone know if is a calibration/test thing?
  2. I heard it's a dust removing feature, not sure if it was this brand though. But the principle might be the same.
  3. No. Gigabyte doesn't have this feature. IIRC, Asus and MSI has it.

    Edit: The dustproof feature.
  4. I think it is normal, but you can update the card bios version from gigabyte site
  5. Ehh mine (The Gigabyte GTX 670) does not do that, just a heads up.
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