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In an article it was written that you cannot have 1 ATA device only set as a slave, which is totally correct I imagine but what would happen if you did?
I have installed an ATA HDD which doesn't have any jumpers in it, therefor making it slave, into my pc as the only ATA device on the ribbon making it Primary. (I boot from a SATA HDD)
All appears to be working and I have access to the ATA HDD but am I causing any damage? Is there a need to go out and purchase a jumper?
Thankyou for your time.
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  1. I have 5 S-ATA drives, not one has a jumper. All I did is set the one with the OS as primary in my UEFI-BIOS. No harm has come to any drives and some are as old as S-ATA Itself.
  2. Just make sure its all there in the BIOS and your good.
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