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Need help!

Hi all,

I am currently using a Radeon 6450 and am a casual gamer. I am looking to upgrade but a friend has a free Diamond Radeon HD 5750. Would that be much of an improvment with it being an older card? or a good choice for a temporary upgrade until I can get a chance to get a new PSU and a better card?
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    There would be a significant boost in performance, mainly because "6" is just a re-branding for next year (like "7 for "6" these days), thus "HD 6450" is basically "HD 5450" re-branded and "HD 5750" equals "HD 6750" (which is quite more powerful than your current video card).

    Look at this.

    P.S. Too bad it's Diamond, though. :\
    Because, even though HD 5750 is quite good by itself, "Diamond Multimedia" is ill-known for the crappy quality of the components they use in the building process.
    Anyway, I'd still highly recommend getting your friend's HD 5750, it would give you a HUGE boost in performance, even if it means getting crappy "Diamond".
    Get that HD 5750. Compared to your current video card, it's a totally worthwhile upgrade.
  2. 5750 and free? I'd definitely reccommend you to get it!

    I use it myself, 6750, and that card is good!
  3. acerace said:

    I use it myself, 6750

    LOL! %))
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  5. Thank you all. I did not mean to post the topic twice.
  6. zion26 said:
    Thank you all.

    You're always welcome.

    Have a nice day/night and I wish the best of results for you and your friend.
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