Windows 7 Incorrectly Reports "No Internet Access"

I'm connected to my router via an ethernet cable, and on the connection icon I have the yellow triangle and a message indicating I have no internet access...but I do. My internet is fully connected and I have no problems remote connecting to my computer from work, downloading and seeding torrents or browsing websites. Problems is, it seems that Windows THINKING it's not connected is affecting other programs which need to connect to the internet, and I've had no luck finding an answer by searching the internet, so I'm hoping someone might be able to help me out.
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  1. New observation: Tried pinging several sites and MOST of the pings are usual: averages 37 ms, averages 91 ms, averages 95 ms, averages 51 ms, but when I pinged I got 3 time outs and a "destination unreachable" so I tried a couple other sites which all worked and then tried again and just got 4 time outs...strange... Tried accessing the website and that works fine, not sure why the pings are timing out, or if that's related to the "No Internet Access" notification...
  2. I'm facing the same problem, and that's why I came to this forum looking for a solution.
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