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Hi, I just installed Windows Server 2008 standard (trial) to try it out. Previously I've managed to set up WAMP and LAMP as a development server, on a desktop, but this is a big server (3 hardrives- one blew out) and over 1Terabyte, etc. I want to server a few websites on it, and handle a lot of traffic. I have the domain names purchased, a business internet line and and my own static IP through that (paying monthly). Also have a router. So..just wondering where to start, because I have NO idea lol been quite a while since I ran the wamps, and I wonder if there is a step by step guide for this server. I know I will have to enter an IP somewhere in the router (but which IP, the static one provided by my ISP...or one for the computer..lots of stuff to figure out), I would appreciate any help as I am going to be hosting my friends sites as a favour and want everything safe and secure. Thanks.
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  1. the static public IP provided by my ISP needs to be entered in the WAN section of the router.

    you should also assign static internal IPs to the server which matches the LAN IP scheme of the router.
    if the router is, the server could be

    then you will need to do the port forwarding in the router so web traffic can reach the web-server
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