Seeking advice for my new business/home build

1. Bloomberg Professional
2. Relatively large excel models (heavy use of data tables and the Crystal Ball Monte Carlo simulation software). Much of the data is drawn using the Bloomberg API.

1. Playing HD video, internet browsing, ect... the usual.
2. No gaming whatsoever.

The build I am considering.

Case: NZXT Source 210 Elite (already own)
CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K
RAM: 16GB of 1600 (Prob Ripjaw or whatever is on deal @ newegg)
SSD: 128GB of the best deal I can find (Plan to boot Windows 7 from this)
HDD: 2GB Seagate barracuda

My questions:
1. Is the CPU appropriate for the Bloomberg/Excel/Crystal Ball work.
2. Is 16GB RAM appropriate (if its overkill, ill save the dough. If its worth it, Ill max out to 32GB)
3. Any recommended RAM/SSD for my applications and MOBO.

I have three 24 inch HD IPS displays that I would like to use. I have read the integrated 4000 graphics are good enough for non-gamers, however it only supports 2 displays. Is it possible to add a cheap video card to drive the third display? If not, what is the most cost effective way to drive all 3 (one card, or 2 cheap SLI/Crossfire cards)?
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  1. Looking at the website it says i7 preferred and 8gb memory minimum. So it means the software is probably gonna be pretty CPU calculations heavy so get the i7-3770k instead to benefit from hyperthreading.

    Also get this RAM instead, 2 kits, $80 total:
    Its the absolute best bang for you're buck right now.

    As for SSDs try to find a crucial m4 or Samsung 840 for the best price you can find. Usually for 128gb they are around $120 but can easily be found for $80 or so when they go on sale.

    You can really get any cheap video card as most of them support 3 displays. I chose this one because its the cheapest one that uses all DVI/HDMI (no vga for your hd displays):
  2. Which piece of software prefers i7? I have run everything I listed on a core2duo, but it is not ideal. I will spring for the i7, but from most things I have read it is not worth the extra $ for most applications.
  3. If you look at bloomberg's website it have a system requirements PDF:

    It says that it prefers an it'll probably benefit from extra threads. But the i5 is by no means a slow cpu...its much faster than your current c2d. How much will the i7 be over the i5? you can't say without testing the software on both
  4. The big number crunching should benefit from hyperthreading and therefore the 3770k should be considered. Drop the k if you won't overclock.

    Not familiar with your apps but normally I'd say 8GB. Consult your software vendor for recommendations. If you're set at 16GB, I'd recommend these modules for $46 x 2

    If ya thinking 16GB today and maybe 32 GB later for the number crunching, it's worth it to consider faster RAM and these $87 DDR3-1866 modules will help there

    The best deal right now among Tier 1 SSD's is the Mushkin Chronois Deluxe at $0.69 per GB and it has $10 off w/ promo code HARDOCP1X31G, ends 11/6

    $165 b

    Next choice would be the Samsunbg 830 at $0.78 per GB

    Skip the Barracuda 2TB (chinsy 1 year warranty) and target the Barracuda XT which calls the fastest 7200 rpm drive available.

    However is booting windows is your primary speed concern, to save significantly on budget, consider the Seagate Momentus XT 750 GB which boots to Windows just 1 second slower than the an SSD.

    Integrated GFX especially the HD4000 do pretty darn well

    Starting with the 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® HD Graphics 4000/2500, three displays support may be possible depending on your computer's configuration. Check with your computer manufacturer if three displays are supported on your computer and which display combinations are supported.
  5. thanks. i had no idea the integrated graphics could support 3 displays. i will go with that.

    thank you for the other suggestions as well. before i pullt he trigger on all of this, any comments on the ASUS mobo? Good mix with the 3770? I know ASUS tends to be a bit more expensive. Worth it, or does anyone else offer a better bang for the buck?
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