Error mesige on mother bord

getting error messige on arus an7 mother bord cant find fault disconected hds and dvd player but still coming up with error 9a asnd 83 then 8b cant find any way to get the fault for this power pck seems to keep surging as flickering but is new any ideas please
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  1. reffer to the motherboard's manual for the error codes
  2. dont have the maual to the mother bord at all the pc was give to me by my brother and does not know where it is tryed arus site but not showing arusna7 any where can i get manule for it at all please thanks i disconected every think hd writter only leaving board and front swich ect connected and even taken memory sticks out only thing dint try was removing cpu out and fan to make sure was setted propley error 9athen whent to 83 then flick to 8a contuies tone on enternale specker
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