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Hello people i came here to ask simple question which of these 2 PC's is better:

Intel Dual-Core G860 | 65e
LGA1155 iH61 Gigabyte GA-H61MA-D3V | 45e
2x4GB | 32e
1TB | 68e
Cooler Master 431 | 45e
Seasonic SS 500ET 500W | 60e
Optical Drive Samsung | 5e
320e of total PC cost ^

Phenom™ II X4 965 | 82e
AM3+ 970 MSI 970A-G46 | 60e
2x4GB | 32e
1TB | 68e
Cooler Master 431 | 45e
Seasonic SS 500ET 500W | 60e
Optical Drive Samsung | 5e
352e of total PC cost^

So my question's are:
1) What Graphic Card do you suggest for both of builds.
2) In many reviews they say G860 is stronger for gaming. Is that correct?
3) Would phenom be better for Battlefield 3 because it has 4 cores?

My budget will be 500 to 520e. Suggest best video card for gaming on 1920x1080p res but if its too big for my builds i can switch to 1280x1024 no problem. I will be mostly playing video games online like:
Arma2 DayZ,Arma3 when it comes out, Grand Theft Auto 4, Counter Strike GO, GMOD, Saints row the third... Like i said i can play on 1080p and 1280x1024.
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  1. I like the first one. The Pentium G860 preforms around the same as the Phenom II X4, if not better. The cores of the 965 would not matter, as the core architecture of the G860 is just flat out faster.
  2. Thanks for answer but what video card would you suggest?
  3. What is your budget for the video card? I'm thinking the Radeon HD7770.
  4. Did you read the whole post? No? Because i said that my budged is 500-520e so if i go with Intel build i will have 200e(260$) for video card.. so i will be able to get HD7870 Sapphire for that exact money - 200e. Will my processor be bottleneck for that GPU?
  5. It will not bottleneck. For that price, the 7870 would be my choice.
  6. Ok i just wanted to make sure that its not gonna bottleneck. So how long i will be able to play newest games? What frame rates i will have in bf3 on medium settings? Or should i go for i3? When will games gonna start to use whole 4 cores? In near future right? should i then go for B75 board and i5-3330 with HD 6870 or stick with this build? I really dont wanna change anything on PC for at least 3-4 or 5 years. Thanks
  7. The i3 would be nice. It would run really nicely with all modern cards. You can play the newest games as long as you find acceptable.

    Personally, I don't really care to upgrade my computer until I have to play on low. Some like to upgrade more.

    If you go with a B75, you can then upgrade later to an i5.
  8. What do you think about this?
    MB: B75 for 48e
    CPU: i5-3330 for 150e
    GPU: HD 6870 for 122e
    PSU: Seasonic SS-500ET for 60e
    HDD: SATA3 7200rpm 1TB Western Digital for 67e
    RAM: 2x4GB 1600MHz for 30e
    CASE for 35e
    DVD/RW for 15e
    Total is 527e

    I know GPU is slower but CPU will hold me good 3-4 years that's what i think.. because games don't even use 4 cores for now. Opinions on this build?
  9. Its good, but I don't know about pricing on a Radeon HD7850 where you are from. That is the card I would recommend for a few bucks more.
  10. The HD7850 1GB version is 150e and HD7850 2GB version is 175e
  11. Ah that's a bit of a jump there. Personally I would go for B75/i3/7850 to get optimal gaming performance.
  12. But if i go for i3 or even G860 for how long i will be able to play games? Because many say that games will start to use 4 cores really soon.. That's why i considered i5 because of future proof.
  13. Side question: How do i post specs in signature like you did?
  14. Go up to the top right and click on "your name's profile"

    Then you can go into your profile and change all the specs and whatnot. I believe its under "Public Profile" or "Forum Options". I forgot which one.

    You can future proof with the i5 if you like. It is true that it is easier to upgrade the GPU over the CPU.

    I just personally prefer computers with a stronger GPU base.
  15. Its funny that you got i5 and gtx460 which means it will be same as my build if i go for i5 and 6870/7850 :)
  16. Almost the same yes :)
  17. In my country i see that MSI GTX460 is 95e so probably 6870 beats it hands down. Would you mind if i ask you what games you play and at what settings? I just want to make sure how well my pc will perform then :)
  18. The 460 is about similar speed to the 6850. Its a little slower, but its still quick.

    What games were you looking at playing? I play alot of games. I'll probably play whatever you play or I have it and haven't tried it.

    Its a little bit older though, but at least its cheap.
  19. I was looking at playing Arma2,Grand Theft Auto 4,Mount and Blade Warband,Counter Strike Source,GMOD,Battlefield 2/3, Call of Duty 6/7/8,Just Cause 2,Saints Row The Third,FarCry 3 when it comes out(im really impressed with its trailer it will be sanbox like game :)),Mortal Kombat 9,Hitman Blood Money, Hitman Absoulution, Test Drive 2, Planetary Annihilation and C&C Generals 2. I got most of this games so if i got/when i got pc i will be playing games that i listed. So how you run that games? And thanks for fast reply :)
  20. Alright, I have Arma2 (Dayz I'm guessing?), GTAIV, Mount and Blade, CSS, GMOD, BF2 and 3, Just Cause 2, SR3, and Test Drive Unlimited 2 of that list.

    I use the funky resolution of 1084x1014 though, so take that into account.

    I can play Arma2 on like normal-high, but this game even struggles with my more powerful Radeon HD6950 if I turn it up too high. Still looks good.

    GTAIV I can run on high (not max) at a smooth 60fps. Sometimes it dips, but not often.

    Haven't tried Mount and Blade

    Any computer from 2007 can run CSS

    Gary's Mod runs fine.

    BF2 runs fine, BF3 runs well on high settings as well.

    SR3 I haven't run in awhile, but I believe I ran it on high.

    TDU2 runs fine as well.

    Bottom line, its a card that will run games on high-ish, but not ultra.
  21. So all this games and settings you mentioned is with gtx460 right? because you said you got 6950. How much FPS you got on Arma2(DayZ)? In Arma2 there is Mission Editor which you probably know. So i'm curious if you can play battle 100vs100 with huge explosions in Arma2 can you? Because when i get PC i will be creating lot of missions for Arma2 and i will play it with brother and friend online :) I'm now making missions on old game which is called Operation Flashpoint: Resistance its Arma2 style( i think Arma2 makers made it too) it is game from 2000 :D.
  22. Yea these are all with the 460. My 6950 was able to run everything on high for all of the above games.

    I pull a steady 60 I believe. I never really monitored because it was smooth enough.
  23. I think that was all of my questions :) I will go with this build then:
    MB: B75 - 48e
    CPU: i5-3330 - 150e
    GPU: HD 6870 1GB - 122e
    PSU: Seasonic SS-500ET - 60e
    HDD: SATA3 7200rpm 1TB Western Digital - 67e
    RAM: 2x4GB 1600MHz - 30e
    CASE: 35e
    DVD/RW: - 15e
    Total: 527e
    Btw this will be huge upgrade over my pre-build PC that you can see in signature. Maybe i could wait more and use HD2500 onboard GPU and wait some time so i can get 7850/70 i think it will be good decision. Thank you so much for all the answers you provided to me :) I can't wait to play DayZ :D and other games. Thank you
  24. Looks great. Have fun!
  25. Btw how i can mark this as Solved? So people don't waste time on reading this xD
  26. You just mark a best answer.
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