GPU Upgrade

Hello everyone!
Ive recently built a cheap gaming rig of sorts
I'm Looking into Upgrading my GPU to a ATI 7770
What i would like to know is would i be able to power it?
Would my CPU bottleneck or is it even fast enough at stock speeds?
Would I need to Over Clock my CPU for my GPU for best performance?
Will My CPU melt with the stock cooler if i overclock?

My specs
Intel I5 2400 Not OC stock cooler
ATI 7750 OC
500 GB HDD
1 Terabyte External Hard drive
Corsair XMS3 4 GB RAM
500 Watt PC/Power & Cooling
Monitor is (1024X768) No plans to upgrade
case is a freebie not sure what kind (lots of vents)
Please no new-egg links their shipping is killer.
I'll be buying from Memory express
Sorry for all the questions
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  1. yeah you can power it just fine but its not really much of an upgrade from an 7750-OC.

    here you can see a stock 7750 vs 7770 and several other cards in gaming benchmarks.,3135-6.html
  2. Ahh i see.
    What would be a cost effective
    most bang for buck card?
    while using the least amount of power?
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