Is this motherboard capable of overclocking?

Hello i am considering getting an unlocked i5, maybe the 2500K or the 3570K and i am going to pair it up with this motherboard:
Is the motherboard capable of overclocking the CPU?
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  1. Yes. What other components do you intend to use with this motherboard and CPU?
  2. I am going to use Corsair XMS3 8GB 1600MHz memory and XFX Double D Radeon HD 7950 with the motherboard and CPU but my main concern is that will all of this fit into this case?
  3. Unlocked CPUs just need to have the multi increased then sometimes a bit of voltage increase.

    As long as you are not pushing too hard the boards power system should be ok for some overclocking.


    see your new post.

    That case looks more then big enough for your hardware.
  4. Yes, these components should fit. What heatsink/fan and power supply are you considering?
  5. I am thinking of going with this heatsink:
    Will it be sufficient for medium overclocking? like to 4.0GHz and the PSU i am going with is a Corsair CX500V2 PSU.
  6. Both should be fine. Good luck!
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