What is the desktop equivalent of an amd 7670m?

my friend is getting a new laptop and both he and i are curious as to what the desktop equivalent of an amd 7670m is

does anyone know?
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  1. it is not easy to compare a desktop GPu with a Notebook gpu, because they are very different.

    But i would say something near a GT 440, but the performance will vary a lot, but mostly for games i think that the GT 440 is a good marker comparing with the 7670m
  2. I would think somewhere around this tier

    Discrete: 8800 GTS 640 MB, 9600 GT, GT 240 (GDDR5)
    Go (mobile): 9800M GTS, GTX 160M

    Discrete: 8800 GS, 9600 GSO, GT 240 (DDR3)
    Go (mobile): GTX 260M (96), GTS 150M, GTS 360M (DDR3)

    Discrete: HD 3850 512 MB, HD 4670, HD 5570 (DDR3), HD 6570 (DDR3), HD 6670 (DDR3)
    Discrete: HD 2900 XT, HD 3870, HD 5570 (GDDR5), HD 6570 (GDDR5)
    Mobility: 6500M (GDDR5), 6600M/6700M (DDR3), 7730M
    Mobility: HD 3870, HD 5730, HD 5650, 6500M (DDR3)
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