Dvi supports dvi-d??

hey guys , i am having a problem here ,,, can a dvi only monitor support a dvi-d card , if yes then what kind of connector or cable it requires? repLyY!!
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  1. Are you talking about the Digital Visual Interface Output? if yes just buy a common DVI cable...


    if you were trying to connect a DUAL LINK dvi cable, then you would need a Dual Link DVI cable:

    But for normal DVI Digital signal, a common dvi cable.
  2. actually my monitor has a dvi input but my graphic card has a dvi-d (dual link dvi output ) what shud i do???
  3. just use a common dvi cable... only if your monitor had a dual link dvi input (probably 120hz display) you would need a dual link dvi cable, but you can use a Single Link Dvi cable to connect your GPU to the monitor, and it will work.
  4. you mean that a single link dvi would work with dual-link??
  5. hamzazahid said:
    you mean that a single link dvi would work with dual-link??

    Like i have said before...

    a Dual Link DVI OUTPUT is just the output meaning that it will run DVI DUAL LINK if you use a DUAL-LINK cable with a MONITOR that supports a DUAL LINK DVI input, but if your monitor input is only SINGLE LINK, you CAN "YES" plug a single link cable from the GPU to the monitor...
  6. actually you have'nt understood what i'm talking about!!! i am telling you that my card has dual-link dvi output , and my monitor supports single link dvi cable , can a single link dvi cable connect both of these ,, thnx for ur extra time!
  7. he understood exactly what you meant. Yes just use a normal (single link) DVI cable.
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