128GB SSD or 1T 7200RPM?

Computer to be used for heavy computation work running multiple programs; some heavy duty image processing of electron microscope files. Would the SSD or high RPM be a better fit for rapid processing, rapid access, and of course storage of large info during processing.

From what I've been gathering here from others' previous posts, the high RPM would be the better fit for my processing needs.

Any advice welcome. Thank you in advance!

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  1. Usually SSDs aren't used alone in PC. People pair up SSD(for OS and programs) and HDD(for files/storage). If you need storage space for large files, you should go with HDD, because i don't see how lone 128Gb ssd will fit your needs. If you don't have money to spend on both SDD and HDD, then there is other option. Western Digital manufactures HDD which have 10 000 RPM, http://wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=20
  2. yeah, OP, you need to be more specific as to whether the new drive will be the Only drive in the system, either way, the SSD will be faster
  3. I'm considering the HP-ENVY Quad Edition laptop. It has the i7 processor.
  4. This question really comes down to:

    Do you need more than 128GB of space? If yes, then the SSD is out.

    "storage of large info" and SSD generally doesn't mix well in cases where there is any form of budget constraint.
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