Just put in a second GTX 580... issues getting it working.

I previously had an ASUS GTX 580 and its been working perfectly fine.

I bought another GTX 580 today, this one from Zotac, put it in the second PCI-E slot on my MOBO, bridged the two together with the Intel SLI hard-bridge that came with my MOBO, and connected the power. The only thing that wasn't run of the mill basic about installing this is that for the 8pin, I had to use a 6pin to 8pin adapter. (Just checking... but it doesn't matter which of the two available bridge connections I use right?)

When I initially started my comp up with thew newly installed second GTX 580, the computer started up normal as always, but right off the bat the second 580's fan was going FULL BLAST. Regardless of this, after windows had started, in the system tray I saw the whole "new device found", "new device installed" etc stuff.

I checked the nVidia Control Panel and the second card was not showing up and it only saw the one GPU, and the drop down box to select another one was grayed out.

So I figured maybe Zotec has some kinda funky driver, I put in the CD and installed the driver. Checked the nVidia control panel, no dice. Shut down the computer, restarted it, still booted up like normal, but this time the 2nd 580's fan is not running and the second card still isn't being recognized.

Do I need some kind of additional driver for recognizing a SLI set up? Not sure where to go from here, please help D:
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  1. You are having other issues than the drivers. I would remove and reinstall the video card. I would also make sure the video cards both run singularly in the system without the other one installed.
  2. Maybe you PSU is too weak. For dual GTX580, good 800W is a minimum.
    Check the cards one at the time as ahnilated suggested, if both works in single mode, I'd say there is not enough power coming to the second card.
  3. Looks like it's the second card I just got. Put it in solo and nothings come up on the screen. Going to take it back and grab another one, see if I get the same problem. It's not the PSU, I have a 1000w.
  4. Edit: Nevermind, lol, setting was turned off in the control panel. Derp.
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