Discoloration around flying mount gpu problem?

This was happening a few days ago and i upgraded my 670 driver and it went away. i logged into wow today and me resolution was messed up along with this discoloration so i reset the settings and now my res is fine but when using lying mounts im getting a cloudiness around the wings. i had my gpu oc'ed so i went to stock settigns and its still doing this. is something wrong with my card? any ideas? its kind of hard to see in pics

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  1. Those images are tiny, i can not quite see what you have.

    Some times AA can cause a line or halo effect on game characters.

    Like in these images


    If the edges of the wings and blurry, it may be an edge smoothing effect as well.

  2. na that link you posted isnt really it its kind of like a shadow around my dragon. if u click this pic and look closely around the torso it kind of looks like a shadow, but its not
  3. If it looks like a shadow, can you try to turn "ambient occlusion" or "SSAO"on or off if you have the option. It adds shadows(not all shadows) so maybe it is that?

    I have a very hard time seeing it, but I do not play that game so maybe someone who plays it would pick it out right away.
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