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Ok, so I recently bought this PC
Motherboard : MSI 760GM -p23
Memory : 8GB
HDD : 1TB HD partioned into two 500GB
CPU : FX 4100
and a very generic 500W PSU that came with the case which I will link here.

It can manage 14 amps on the 12v rail so I wasn't expecting much.

Now my problem is I am getting a 6950 or a 6970 (or 6990 but I doubt it :]) from my friend who is getting a GTX 690, the Graphics card is in pristine condition, never overclocked only around 4 months old and so on... I need to get a new PSU and so yeah I have a microATX case atm and I need to find a PSU that will fit in it and still supply enough power for the Graphics card with the pcie connectors.

All I can get from the PSU right now is that is a 'ATX switching power supply' which means... nothing to me. I have heard almost horror story's from my friends about their PSU making a popping noise their graphics card burning out and motherboard frying when they used, so I really want to find a good PSU for under £60 that will fit in a Matx case.

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  1. Get an Antec, Corsair, or Seasonic unit of at least 600W for a 6950. If it turns out to be a 6990, you might want to be packing like 700W or so.
  2. First of all make sure to know exactly what you're getting especially if you have a limited budget because all the cards you mentioned have different power requirements.

    6950 = 500-Watt PSU with 2 x 6-pin PCI-E power connectors)
    6970 = 550-Watt PSU with 1 x 8-pin + 1 x 6-pin PCI-E power connectors)
    6990 = 750-Watt PSU with 2 x 8-pin PCI-E power connectors)

    Corsair and Antec both have solid reputation for power supplies, see what you can get with your budget in your country.
  3. Where would be the cheapest place to buy in the UK/Scotland?
    I would use Amazon but there is a tonne of shite on there.

    Ok I found this
    But I have no idea if it will work with my motherboard.

    Why did I not pay attention in computing!
  4. It might not be enough power for the 69xx series cards, which were pretty power hungry.

    Working with your motherboard should not be a huge deal.
  5. Seeing as my friend has an Alienware PC and he is doesn't want to remove a part of the casing to view his graphics card I have to run off what his PSU is, He has a 650W... Dell? Power Supply
  6. Oh Aleinware lol.

    At least Dell makes decent power supplies.
  7. If I go with that PSU I can just return it if it will not supply enough power, but I'm not sure if it will fit in a microatx case...
  8. It should fit. If it fits a regular sized power supply it should fit.

    Considering your case DOES fit a regular sized power supply, it will fit.
  9. I have this case
    I think my current power supply is a normal ATX, but oh well :) I'll just wait till december when I actually get his graphics card and then probably end up buying that corsair PSU :)
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