Is this posssible? Videocard setup; Suggestions?

Here's the story,

I recently purchased a Yamakasi Cateleap Q270 monitor primarily for gaming at 2560x1400 resolutions. I had been gaming with a PNY GTX 460 OC 1GB video card but at this resolution a few of my games performed sluggishly - Battlefield3, Sleeping dogs, Diablo3, Spec OPS the Line. So i decided to upgrade and went with a MSI 7870 hawk 2GB based on gaming performance at 2560x1600 resolution.

The 7870 Hawk ran Battlefield 3, Spec OPS the Line & Sleeping dogs beautifully at 2560x1400 resolution. But struggled with games that ran very well on the older GTX 460 - Here is a list of games that ran poorly on the 7870 Hawk - Blur, Diablo 3, Crysis1 & Max Payne 3. Sometimes i would dial back the resolution to 1920x1080 on games and get no real performance improvement which is strange since the GTX 460 was released a few years ago.

Since both cards perform differently based on game. Is it possible to have both cards installed and set games to run on a specific card? for example - Set Blur to launch on the GTX 460 and Battlefield 3 to launch on the 7870 Hawk

Please advice.
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  1. It wouldn't really be worth it to have both cards installed at the same time unless you were running Physx.
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