I dont know whats wrong *pic added*


i get this error alot and i changed my gpu and installed new windows ..
installed the driver like 100 time ..
nothing works ..
cpu i7 3770k
mb z77x-d3h gigabyte
power 1000wat aerocool
gpu msi 670gtx
ssd 128gb m4
ram 8gb

waiting for help >...
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  1. Your link goes no where we don't know what your error is...

  2. are you overclocking I saw this error when I had gone to far with an OC. If not try upping the fan speed on the 670 to keep temps down or underclocking the 670 to see if it is a heat issue.

  3. the temp is like 50 something while playing ...
    i didnt over clock or anything ..
  4. Get a lower version of the driver it might work..
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