Will Cooler master extreme power plus 350w psu suppport HD 6670 or HD 6750?

hi guys . just want to ask if "Cooler master extreme power plus 350w" is good for my hd 6770 .
and thanx for help.
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  1. 6670 - 400 Watt or greater power supply recommended (500 Watt for AMD CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode)

    6750 - 450 Watt or greater power supply with one 75W 6-pin PCI Express® power connectors recommended (600 Watt and two 6-pin connectors for AMD CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode).
  2. A 6670 can work on a 300w. A 6770 needs a PCIe power connector, so you have to make sure you have that.
  3. A 6670 would work, and so would a Radeon HD7750. Not sure about the 6750, but I'm pretty sure it needs a power connector.
  4. games are running almost maxed out but i am having poor draw distance in sabotuer and assassins creed and i think it's because of the psu.
    So should i replace it ( considering i m not running crossfire x ) ?
    thanx again
  5. I had one of those extreme power plus psu's once and it was labeled a 600w but was really only 500w, so I doubt that psu is even 350w, probably more like 250w which would be stretching it.
  6. aint there any test or something to know if my vga is getting enough power ?
    I really appreciate any idea ...
  7. No, but this is what can happen as explained by guru3d.com

    There are many good PSUs out there, please do have a look at our many PSU reviews as we have loads of recommended PSUs for you to check out in there. What would happen if your PSU can't cope with the load:

    bad 3D performance
    crashing games
    spontaneous reset or imminent shutdown of the PC
    freezing during gameplay
    PSU overload can cause it to break down
  8. Well... after long time of searching I knew that my graphical issues are because of porting or something...like assassin's creed which is a port game
    and by the way I've already told u that I'm running games (all of them even ac )
    with high fps, and there're no freezing nor nothing
    I found too many people over the net experiencing my problem...
    AND somebody tells me if I'm wrong.....
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